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fil coils energy saving air-cooling units are available in various capacities ranging from4000 CFM to 50000 CFM. Coil capacity is based on sensible heat removal, medium frosted coil condition. Temperature difference is the temperature of the air entering the coil and the coil evaporating temperature.

These coils are For cold stores, processing halls, distribution and storage areas, blast freezers normal and deep freezing areas, IQF and CA stores.

Features of Evaporative Coils

  • fil coils Evaporative coils are constructed with 0.61 mm to 1.6 mm thick with ERW tubes as per ASME SA249TP 304L.
  • 32 pipes high with variable fin spacing in single Coil.
  • fil coils Evaporative coils are made from 5/8”, 3/4” and 7/8” tube.
  • The 7/8” diameter tubes keeps the pressure drop to minimum and eliminate blockages & increase the operating efficiency of the entire system specially for IQF and Glycol.
  • fil coils are hydraulically bullet expanded for proper bonding as well as without any grain stream change. This will increase reliability over-time.

fil coils : FINS :

  • ‘V” waffle type fins of thickness 0.3mm, 0.35 mm and 0.5 mm with a clean full collar to optimize performance,resistance to airflow, and easy cleanability.
  • Fin pattern is staggered to produce highly energy efficient operation. Material construction of Fin material : SB209 Alloy 1100
  • Variable fin spacing can be made from 2.1mm to 40 mm.
  • All Evaporative coils are tested with 350 psig air pressure

fil coils : TUBES :

  • Evaporative Coils are made of Aluminum tube with Aluminum fins and Stainless Steel Tubes with Aluminum Fins with Tube size OD 15.875 mm, 19.05mm and 22.225mm and 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm thick.
  • Material construction of tubes ASME SA249 TP304L for S.S. Coils and SB234 Alloy 3003 for Aluminum Coils
  • Tube pattern : 57.15 x 50.8, 44 x 38 staggered and 60 x 60 square (optional)
  • Material of construction of End plate/casing: SA240 TP304
  • Nozzle Header : SA312 TP304L for S.S. Coils and : SB241 alloy 6063 for Aluminum Coils




Thermal Insulated Drain pan is placed between the inner drain pan and outer cover. Both the inner drain pan and outer cover are fabricated from galvanized sheet. Multi circuit Coils are provided on entire drain-pan surface to provide effective defrosting within shortest period.


Easy opening functions for fans creates an easy access for cleaning inside of the units


  • Frick India uses Marathon, USA / German designed Axial Flow fans.
  • Axial Flow Fans are made up of heavy duty die cast aluminum with adjustable pitch angle blades.
  • These dynamically balanced Aerofoil design fans are selected for maximum performance to match exact static pressure requirements.
  • These fans having range between 4000 CFM to 12500 CFM and can be selected different static pressure & airflow rates.
  • Fan Performance and tolerance as per IS 3588 - 1987.
  • Fans are Energy efficient & noise level is less than 85 dBL at one meter distance.


HOT GAS DEFROST : A multi-circulated pan coil is welded to the inner pan. The coil design reduces pressure drop, increases hot gas flow and shortens overall defrost times.

WATER DEFROST : A Spray tray with full coverage non-clogging perforations and an oversized drain pan connection are provided. Spray tray and perforations are easily accessible.

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